Experts who author vocational evaluation and life care plans will eventually testify in court. As an expert, it is imperative to provide materials to assist the jury and Trier of facts. At PVE, we specialize in preparing for depositions and trial testimony.

PVE uses demonstrative evidence, pertaining to employability and life care planning, in court to assist the judge and jury. The role of the vocational expert at trial is to educate the jury on the impact of employability and limitations on an individual’s ability to earn money. The role of the Life Care Planner is to educate the jury to the costs associated with the individual’s medical needs over the remainder of their lifetime.

PVE provides materials to assist in educating the jury. For example, visual aides like detailed charts are employed by Vocational Experts during their testimony in State and Federal Court.

Video deposition and video trial testimony are also available if needed.