A Medical Cost Projection (MCP) can be performed in order to project medical costs for a specific timeframe, specific recommendation (i.e. surgery), or for a specific resource (Workers’ Compensation fee schedule/collateral resource). A MCP includes a Medical Record Review, interview, cost projections, narrative, cost summary charts, summary and conclusion. Fee: $2,500 to $3,000 (paid in full).


Medical Cost Projections versus Life Care Plans

Medical Cost Projections (MCP) and Life Care Plans (LCP) are often confused. The MCP tends to be more limited in scope such as for a specific resource, such as counseling, psychological or psychiatric services, surgery, or hospitalizations. An MCP can also be limited to a specific timeframe and not for the remainder of someone’s projected life expectancy. In addition, an MCP can be recommended when seeking a specific cost resource such as in a Workers’ Compensation case. Lastly, a major distinction is that an MCP can be referred at any point during the timeline of a case. A LCP, in contrast, looks at a variety of needs and services for the individual over the course of their life expectancy.

The author of the MCP will work with and rely upon the treating provider to lay the foundation for the MCP in areas such as doctor visits, medication allowance, surgical procedures, diagnostics, injections and therapy, when applicable, following standard treatment patterns. Typically, an economist may be asked to take the completed MCP and calculate future costs & discounting.